International Artwork

Conflict Art from the International Perspective

This project's mission, from the beginning, is to raise awareness for those suffering the invisible wounds of war and to publicize the art created not only by Americans in conflict zones, but from all nations and cultures, from all sides and perspectives. Our position is, and remains neutral, in terms of politics and our mission is to showcase the art that is born from the world's conflicts. War affects everyone, from the soldier and marine on the front lines, to the civilians caught in the crossfire. These invisible wounds are not simply an American problem, or a western problem, but a global problem and our hope is to showcase the art from all sides and all nations, from everyone that has been affected by the conflicts of this modern age. The works of art listed below were submitted to our project from a variety of places, people and nations and we ask you, the observer, to review these works of art with an open mind and a neutral perspective. Only then can the healing and understanding begin to forge between our cultures, our peoples, and perhaps war and violent conflict become a nightmare of the past.

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