Local National Murals

Basra Iraq - The Venice of the Middle East

During the 2011 Summer Expedition to Kuwait and Iraq, our team was taken to the outer gate of the military post which was lined with over 80 enormous murals all created by the local populace. The Basrah International Airport, which was shared by Coalition Forces and the local civilian population, was located just outside the main post in Basrah. As a way to work together with the locals, the military, along with members of the government, decided it would transform these barriers between the military post and the airport, if local artists were brought in to paint these extraordinary murals lining the road from the outer gate into the airport. These murals depict dozens of scenes of what the Basrah wetlands used to resemble prior to the Saddam regime's destruction of the canals, all in the name of progress. Thankfully, his mission to eradicate the Marsh Arabs was unsuccessful and they are now resurging and the wetlands are slowly becoming what others used to term, the Venice of the Middle East as many of thse murals depict.

Our Printing Partners -

We try our best to make the ordering process for the pieces of art we have collected as easy as possible, and would prefer to use one company for all of our printing needs. That said, there are only a small number of printing companies that have the facilities to print on what we have coined "Graffiti Canvas" and does not have the facilities to print on this medium. However, they do provide other media, such as matting, Giclee, and framing.

If you have been to one of our exhibitions, you have seen the art disployed on our "Graffiti Canvas", which truly gives you a feel of how these amazing works of art look in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. No other medium we have researched and tested comes as close as this medium does to portraying the look and feel of this Conflict Art. In addition, no other medium is as cost effective and easy to hang and remove. If you would prefer to order your prints on our Graffiti Canvas, we would be happy to take your order. Please visit this LINK and fill out the order form so we can begin to facilitate this order. In the coming months we will be creating a more automated service, but this order form will be more than reliable and effecient. Again, if you would like to order this amazing artwork on our renowned Graffiti Canvas, please click this LINK.

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