A Global Conflict

British Mural in Basrah, Iraq

This project has always sought to showcase the art and the stories behind that art, not just from the American point of view but from a diverse, global perspective. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan affected the entire world and our mission is to ensure everyone’s story is told.

From the stories of the British Paratrooper, to the Dutch Infantryman, the Iraqi civilian to the Ugandan guard. Our mission, our focus is not in American Nationalism, but to instill a greater understanding of the individual perspective, independent of nationality, through their art, their stories because this is their war.

Healing Global Wounds

The wounds of war, both physical and those less visible are not exclusively suffered by American Warfighters. Dozens of nations joined the US in Iraq and dozens more deployed to Afghanistan in support of the NATO operations there. These men and women served their Nations with distinction, dedication and courage and were vital to the worldwide War on Terror.

However, going home for them was vastly different than what American service members enjoyed upon their return to the US. While American troops enjoy hundreds of non-profit organizations dedicated to their cause, the rest of the world lacks these support organizations for their military men and women. The Graffiti of War Project is dedicated to ensuring the mental health care of all those who have suffered the horrors of combat, both military and civilian. These invisible wounds of war know no international boundries and affect individuals regardless of their nationality. We want to ensure their service to promoting democracy and freedom to the individual, despite their race, religion and creed, is rewarded and their wounds of war do not go untreated.

We are partnering with international agencies who provide this treatment and raise the worldwide awareness of both the visible and invisible wounds. Below we have listed one organization that is dedicated to providing this care, free of charge, to our internatonal brothers and sisters-in-arms. Through this organization and others as well as the support provided by individuals, the global understanding of what these brave men and women sacrificed will never be forgotten and we can ensure we never leave a service member on the world battlefields.

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