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I am not a politician, nor a formally educated person. I am not a rich man, nor could I call myself poor by any means. I am one of the masses, part of the now dwindling American middle class and I am a patriot of these United States having bourn the burden of service in our military and bore witness to the horrors of combat. This is who I am.

Today I spent some time watching a film that I have seen a few times, a film by Steven Spielberg, called Lincoln. For some reason, watching it this, perhaps the tenth time or so, brought up within me a swelling growl at the times I, and my children, now live in. Watching this film and witnessing the power that was the man, Abraham Lincoln, angered me at what we have done with the sacrifices of our forefathers. As one who has seen what war is at its heart, it sickens me to think what we have and continue to waste. The hundreds of thousands of men and women who have bled so we might build a better life, for all. ALL, not some, but ALL.

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Paraphrasing a quote by Dr. Benjamin Franklin, it is perfectly fine to insult a man in private, he might even thank you for it. However, if one insults a man in public, he tends to think one is serious. As I am certain I would not garner an audience with each of you individually and to further stress my seriousness, I thought a public insulting might be in order. I truly hope the staffer reading this encourages you to take some time to read this email for at the very least it will provide you with a better understanding of the minds of what might be a majority of your constituency.

This Nation of ours, the resources we have for the benefit of so few in world comparison, and to hear that the top 400 richest people have more wealth than the bottom half of our country, it sickens me as it should those who have been tasked to serve on our, the PEOPLE of THESE UNITED STATES. But the opposite is true. These men and women, YOU men and women of MY congress are saddled and being ridden, freely of your choice, by these wealthy few. YOU, honorable men and women of OUR Nation’s congress have been bought and now serve those with which their main focus, their determination is the further enrichment of themselves. The enrichment of their SINGULAR, selfish desires for more and more and more again. Shame you have brought to your individual, your body and the great office each of you now hold. Think of who has come before you, the greatness that is each of the offices you hold, the blood that was spilled to create the body you now serve in. Shame in the fact that the resources you have at your disposal, the education you were given is far, FAR greater than that of which those who came before you, yet still you have done near nothing, NOTHING of what they accomplished and in most cases, far less time and under far easier circumstances. Shame, Honorable Senator and Representative, shame. And those of you who claim to be Christian, to pursue nothing but the further enrichment and empowerment of those who have their share, for you know this has no truth in it. Malice toward none, Charity for all. When I hear the words of some of those who wish themselves to be our next President (Paul Ryan) say that his primary reason for entering politics was the writings of Ayn Rand, it appalls me that we have given such power to such mindless and incapable individuals. (See Ryan’s quotes here courtesy of The Young Turks.)

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This fault lies not entirely in your hands for we as a people have allowed men and women of such depravity enter these hallowed halls to represent us. I take on this blame with full knowledge and allowance as only a true and patriotic citizen should. For I have cast ballots for some of you, for President even and twice for this administration who is certainly not without blame or shame. Each of us should feel discontent and disappointment at what you all lack as a body and what each of you lack as an individual, selfless service to those who you represent, the PEOPLE not the corporation. The mass of your constituency, not the richest among us. For a man said, it is the least of you that will inherit the kingdom of God and whether you think Him man or God, his teachings not only inspired billions for millennia but the very founders in whose steps you now should be following. _

I challenge every one of you in the Senate and House of Representatives to truly take account of yourselves and reach back into history at the office and desk you now occupy. Who has come before you and what have they accomplished with much less and for much MUCH more than merely to get re-elected or fill some coffers and pockets. Our Nation deserves more than what you as a body have done. The richest among us have their spokesperson, it is the money that lies within their bank accounts. You, Senator, are here for the masses within your districts, those that cannot speak and be heard, that is your responsibility. I dare each of you to fulfill the promises of the oaths every last one of you have taken to hold your office. I can look back with pride on fulfilling my oath of enlistment, can you?

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Therefore, it is with heavy heart that I watch this proud Nation travel down the road further serving corporations more than people, further serving those who have servants than those that are. You have the power to represent the masses that are these United States, to be one that history and this Nation will not forget. Each of you has it within you to be a voice and man or woman that truly bears the honor, faith and duty of your great office. The question is, will you or will you simply be or become just another politician that serves themselves over all.

With Due Respect To Your Office,

As a post-script, watch Lincoln again and see what may lay within you as you hear Daniel Day-Lewis recite some of his speeches or at the very least, watch ten minutes starting at 1:44:20, the magnificence that I am sure Lincoln himself had is inspiring and you can blame that scene for this email as well as myself. In addition, a review of the HBO series, John Adams, could provide another inspiration. These men, most younger than many of the present Congress, achieved much with the full might of the British Empire looming over them to include certain execution for their service to our new nation. These present some food for thought and if nothing else, provide an insight to the lives of those who have come before you.

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