In the Shadow of the military

We are restarting our weekly blog and we are going to feature a guest blogger at least once per month. For this month we are featuring a veteran spouse to give a different perspective and provide some insight into the lives of our warfighters and veterans and their families.

All too often our service men and women return home, only to find themselves fighting a whole new war, civilian life. Reintegration into civilian living is a difficult transition in itself. Life is different now, unscheduled, less regimented. Life take a whole new turn. There are many wounds that can’t be seen. Many unseen battles that can’t be won because they simply can’t be put into words. The mind is a beautiful organ, yet when trauma strikes it can be the enemy within. As loved ones, it is our duty to help them battle this enemy within.

I ask my husband several times a day if he is ok, I already know the answer, but I never want to miss that opportunity to hear what he has to say. I don’t care if it’s something he may have said before. I want him to always know his voice matters.

Sure, we all have our moments when we get impatient or frustrated.  Making a conscious effort of patience and understanding at least keeps the door open on an individual’s mind to share their experiences and begin the process of healing

These individuals that have made a commitment beyond themselves need your support when they return to the home front. You are the attachment to civilian life, the shadow that every service member has, no matter where they may travel. Whether they’re your brother, sister, spouse, or even the neighbor. Every battle they fight, whether overseas or at home, they depend on your support. It may not be shown or expressed with words. You may never know the extent of their hardship. Battles cannot be fought alone. They need you.

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Jaeson "Doc" Parsons

Founder and CEO of The Graffiti of War Project, Doc is a decorated combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom where he was a combat medic with the 54th Engineer Battalion. He is currently the a journalist for Force 12 Media and is featured weekly on Docas been featured in numerous media outlets such as, and For more information about Jaeson “Doc” Parsons click HERE or send him an EMAIL.

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